The airfield is located 20 km from Bucharest’s city center, the capital of Romania. The lowland area and nearby low-rise buildings make this aerodrome an ideal place for civil aviation activities of general aviation and aerial operations.  With a fleet of more than 40 airplanes and training programs carried out in accordance with the highest standards, the aerodrome constitutes the core of flight training for the Romanian Airclub.


Following a lengthy modernisation project, Clinceni Airfield offers a wide range of facilities:

  • 06L/24R – asphalt runway – 1000 m x 30 m 
  • 06R/24L – Grass runway – 1000 m x 50 m  
  • 9 taxiways (A-I) 
  • 4 hangars 
  • 3 buildings, with one building featuring modern accommodation
  • Technical assistance for aircrafts


To be able to benefit from maps or airfield details at a better resolution for printing and in-depth study, find the downloadable PDF resources in the following list: